About Candace Rae 


I am an abstract impressionistic painter painting on canvas and reclaimed wood. Holding a camera near by, I’m also a photographer capturing life and product through the story of imagery.

Laying down Pixels for Paints in this series has been one of the most Divinely inspired moments I’ve had as a Mother in a long time. I wouldn’t say my brain stopped working, but it did! Foggy minded mornings drifted to foggy minded evenings leaving me nearly in tears over coding and SEO issues. And that’s how this collection happened. With baby by my side I picked up my old studio paint brushes and began painting. One blossom turned into another and one flower turned into bouquets of unperfected gardens. As the fog lifted, joy became more evident and my life’s purpose became about my passion.

Photography, coupled with Design is my therapy. It’s continually taking me to avenues that touch on someone else’s life. It’s more than just my job – it’s who I am.



After graduating with a degree from Biola University in Graphic Design, Candace worked as a freelance designer for many companies who needed brand establishment. During those years, she fell back in love with her first passion of Photography and began merging photography with graphics and digital media. In merging two passions,  she has had the remarkable opportunity to operate Candace Rae Design and Photography. Individually and collectively, she has worked together with some of the best brands in the world, with clients including, Nike, Costco, PGAMagazine, US Military, NASCAR, Amazon, Foot Joy, and many others. Influenced by color and simplicity, Candace displays passion and strategic thinking to ensure every client's vision has been heard. Now a published International Photographer, Candace resides back on the Central coast of California.

No project is too small and in my studio, no project is too big. It's important for me to understand your now, your vision and all things that can contribute to your success.