Green Rolling Hills II 18x24

Green Rolling Hills II 18x24


Acrylic Mixed Media accented in 24k golf foil.

As Seasons change, so does my palette.

Just outside my kitchen window, lies the most diverse hills you’ve ever seen. My husband and I often wish that the barb wire wasn’t there holding us back from exploring every inch of their vast beauty. Twice a year we get to experience a palette change on these rolling hills. Once being the most luscious and vibrant green hues speckled with a pops of yellow and orange with our native flowers. And then as the sun’s heat radiates upon the green fields, they slowly become accented with gold before they’ve turned dormant. Oddly, I love the change. I’m never bored in gazing and wondering. As seasons do, they show growth and life.

So in this season, I’ve decided to paint loud and vibrant using their character as my inspiration!

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