Coastal mini print with gold flake


Small Canvas

The mini series ranges in size from four x four canvases to ten x ten. Great for gifts. 

Ombre horizon midnight sky canvas with gold flake

Cloudy day, in his hands canvas painting


A horizon is one of my favorite things to paint. The endless nature of a horizon lends itself to many different artistic interpretations and meanings. 


Blue and gold dust horizontal painting

Gold Dust

Gold Dusted Horizons has been a collection of prayers and moments that I’ve shared with my children as we’ve stared off into the sky and have counted how many shades of color we see. From vibrant reds to dark blues the sky will ever evolve and the ocean will ever roar. And from gentle whites to airy blues the sky will ever show grace and the ocean will ever be still. It’s the simplest of moments. 

Commissioned Art

Are you interested in commissioning a piece of art for your home? Let's talk.

Large canvas print, coastal waves
Large canvas print