#Trust Your Journey

#Trust Your Journey

I hash tag it on just about every Instagram post I make. What became a prayer of thankfulness slowly became part of me and proudly apart of my brand. 

Without going into all the nooks and crannies and sobbing ugly tears, explaining my 'why', has simply boiled down to this:

trusting that this journey, the 'right now' is right. 

The most authentic place you will ever be is that feeling you get after you've experienced grief, loss, failure and every wrong turn and yet still live in hope. What this means is that all roads whether you mapped them out or not, led you to where you are now. Trusting that all roads lead to your now and maybe, just maybe life became better the minute you realized this is just all but a chapter in the story of you.

In this journey of trust, I've discovered the organic movement that lead to growth and personal strength.

"Better to give up my quest for control and live in hope'. Jerry Sittser 

So with no further ado - drum roll please ... I'm passing on this sweet reminder to you. Created with vibrant colors of my Summer Horizon Paintings - I've brought on a sweet little Yoga Tank. A tank that's meant to make you smile, feel cozy and hopefully brighten your day. 



Two styles, one message "Trust your Journey"

Check out the link and tank options here!