The Show Must Go ON

Did you hear that? Nope it wasn’t the rain, it was me doing the little happy dance called … “Let the Show Begin”.

It’s nearly Daylight Savings aka SPRING and I’m still coming off of this past Holiday hustle. Is that terrible to admit? Our much needed rainy days here on the Central Coast has left my already emotional well being well … even more emotional. I lived in Seattle for a good little chapter of my life, so you’d think I’d be able to navigate the wet weather. However, an active toddler, a passion for outdoor activity and the needed sun to light up my studio is hard to control when it rains.

OH BUT it is so good! The emotional side of me sees the Glory in it all. The green, the growth, the purification. It’s truly beautiful.

So as it rains - the Show must go on. I’m gearing up for a show down in Sunny San Diego this April! I can’t even being to express how grateful, honored and excited I am to be apart of this market.

It’s called the Queen Been Market. (For all of my SoCal friends, hugs and art coming your way). I’ll be there with all my goods and latest paintings April 4/26 and 27th.

So as it continues to drizzle, we navigate onward in preparation for all things bright! ;)

Learn more about the market here:

Queen Bee Market, San Diego’s original urban-style, artisan market features over 100 local and national vendors specializing in handmade and vintage accessories, clothing, home décor, furniture, paper arts and more. The bi-annual event is celebrating its 20th show in May 2017.

Vendors are highly curated and a select number from each category are featured so attendees have a diverse and unique shopping experience at every show. Vendors are fresh, trendy, have a strong social media following and beautiful  setups, a true Etsy come-to-life experience. Walking into each booth at the Queen Bee Market is like walking into a small handmade shop.


Shopper FAQs

What is the Entrance Fee?
Information on entrance fees can be found on the flier above.  Children 12 and younger and military with current ID are free.  No pre-purchase necessary.

What payment is accepted at the market?
Payment for items is done on an individual basis at each booth and both cash and credit card are accepted by vendors.

Can I bring a stroller?
Strollers are welcome.

Will food and drink be available?
Food and drinks are available for purchase at the market.

Hope to see you there!

xo, Candace

candace gould